10 Tips: How to Write a SEO Optimized Article on a Blog

SEO Optimized Article:To make any blog site show in First Page in Search Results, we need to write a complete SEO Optimized Article on our blog so that Search Engine can easily read our article and show it on the first page as long as Our Blog does not show up on the First Page. Our blog does not even have traffic.

How to Write a SEO Optimized Article

How to Write a SEO Optimized Article

So today we are telling you about some such things, by using which you will be able to show your article on the first page in the search result and also you can write quality content for your blog.

01- Keyword Selection for SEO Optimized Article

When you write an article on a topic, it is Topic Your Main Keyword, so before you write Article, you have to see how much the competition is on that keyword. Which will make you think that you should use the keyword in your article.

We will suggest that you always select Low Competition Keywords so that you have to face less competition and you can easily rank your article.

02- Create Headings and Sub-Headings for your Article

After you have selected Keyword, you have to Focus on Headings that you can use which Headings in your article, in how many Headings you have to implement your Main Keywords and how many Headings TAG are to use Alternative Headings.

We have already cleared you one thing that Google shows those keyword at the top with more information and using alternate keywords so Headings are very important to you.

03- Write Readable Paragraphs

Using paragraphs in the article increases the readability of your article so that people can easily read and understand your article. Therefore, you should use more and more paragraphs in your article.

Whenever you write an article, always try to add any new thing or when you have to add a new thing to your sentence or you are going to do some extra explain, then you should also write it in the New Paragraphs so that Readers understand well

Along with this, if your paragraph is going too long, then you should try to use as many as 6-7 lines in your paragraph, which will also look good in your article and will be easy to read as well. .

04 – SEO Optimized Paragraphs

When you write an article, first of all enter your main keywords in the first and second paragraphs so that the search engine can instantly identify your main keyword and show your article on the top.

In the first paragraph, enter at least 1 and more than 2 times your main keyword and only one time in the second paragraph because if you use more of your main keywords in these paragraphs, the keyword will be stuffing in your article. And your Artilce will not be able to rank, so you should be very careful to place the keyword.

05- Image Optimization

Search Engine can not read images so both Blogger and WordPress provide you the facility of Image Optimization, so that you can optimize your image.

You can optimize your picture and write your Main Keyword in Image which is very important for Search Ranking.

Many times when you use a lot of images (more than one) in an article, do not enter your main keyword on all these images at all, it is very bad with SEO’s Point of View and your article ever Rank does not make.

Therefore, you should use the keywords of your headings or alternative keywords on your images, which will increase the density of your alternative keywords and when searching those keywords, your article can get a chance to come to the top.

06- SEO Optimized Permalinks

When we create a blog, our blog has an address, just like when we write an article, that article also has an address (URL) from which in the language of On Page SEO is called Permalink.

Both Blogger and WordPress provide you the facility of Permalink Optimization, so you can make your permalink an SEO Friendly Permalink.

To make Permalink SEO Friendly, you have to focus on a few things like:

    Your Permalink should be small. The smaller the Permalink you write, the better it is for your article.

    You can enter your Main Keyword in your Permalink.

    Do not use Stop Words in Permalink.

07- SEO Optimized Description

When you search for a Keyword (Topic) on the Internet, the results you get are shown in the three Choices from the same website, in which Title, Permalink and Description are given.

By reading the description, the readers get to know what they will get to read in that article, and most people open the articles only by reading the description, so the description is very important for you.

You can write an SEO Optimized Description for your blog article. Which should be less than 140 words because if you use more words than this, then your description will not show properly in the search results and will not be well understood in reading.

If you are blogging on WordPress, you can install SEO By Yoast Plugin which helps you to write the description and count the words.

But if you use Blogger, then you can not find any such plugin there, you can use other online tools such as seomofo is a tool that helps you to write SEO Optimized Description. With which you will be able to write your description easily.

08- Internal Links

When you write an article, you can add a link to your other articles to your article so that when a Visitor visits your article, he gets to know about your other articles and he also reads them. .

Along with that, On Page SEO is very important for the Internal Links article. To write an SEO friendly article, you must add all the articles or alternative articles on that topic to your article, so that the search engine knows how much information is available related to that keyword on your blog article.

With Internal Linking, your article becomes SEO Optimized, and also helps you with Traffic Increase. Therefore, you must create internal links.

09- Write Competitive Article

To write a competitive article, your article must be at least 1000 words, only then it can come on the first page in the Article Search Results.

Many times many people get confused about what to write in an article of 1000 words so that the article can be so long, then we give you a suggestion.

As we mentioned earlier, you have to create Headings and Sub-Headings before writing Article, then when you Focus on Headings and Sub-Headings, your article Automatic will be more than 1,000 words and it will be available on Search Engine Also comes to the page.

10- Add Labels and Tags

By using labels and tags, you can easily rank your articles because here you can enter your Main Keyword and Target Keywords. From which Search robot Bots, reading your tags, shows your article on the first page.

We will suggest you to use Maximum 3 Tags or Labels in your article so that Search Bot is not confuse on reading your tags and your article can get push.

In Conclusion (SEO Optimized Article)

We have tried in this article to explain you well on all topics, so that you can write SEO optimized article for your blog and show your blog on the first page.

If you still have a confusion or question, then please tell us in the Comment Box.